Baby’s first travel blog

I’ve always loved the idea of sentiment, I’ve just never been good at it. When normal (read:not lazy) people travel, they take photos, write in diaries and fill their Facebook walls with hilarious stories. They do this for two reasons, reason one: to share their experiences with their friends; and reason 2: to have something to remember the trip by (and sometimes just to make their friends and family back home jealous). But not me. My main form of communication back home while I’m overseas is snapchat. I just never think what I’m doing is important enough to be out there for more than 24 hours (unless I’m drunk, in which case I save those bad boys). But, while snapchat has been a faithful travelling companion, and provided me with many laughs, it’s not the greatest way to preserve and share the memories. So here I am, three months into a one year stint away from the motherland, writing my very first blog post, not only to share stories, but to have something I can read in 20 years time (provided technology hasn’t failed us by then) and remember my time overseas fondly (hopefully from my penthouse apartment in New York).

I’ve always wanted to immortalise my travelling experiences in some way shape or form, I’ve just never found one that’s right for me. I’m hoping that blogging lets me remember those little things that happen that make places special and experiences unique. But alas, every travel diary I’ve ever kept hasn’t gone past week three, and I still haven’t developed the photos from the disposable cameras I bought after my phone was stolen in South America.

I’m hoping my blog becomes a way of letting people see a different side to travel, that’s not all about the tourist attractions, and lying by the beach. When I travel I love to get a feel of what it’s like to live in a place. I try and respect the language and culture, and make friends with the locals to make a place feel like home. I’m not about that perfect Instagram shot that took me half an hour to get right, I’m interested in the way people live, the different customs and traditions, and discovering more about the world, and my place in it through meeting people who have lived a completely different life to me (like… they never even eat vegemite…).

So here you have it, my blog. Here’s hoping it stands the test of time.

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